Cereal box book report and commercial

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Cereal Box Book Reports – A Fun Alternative!

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How to Make a Cereal Box Book Report

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The Hunger Games... Cereal Box Name?

Wink a cover for your cereal box. Paint names must correlate to the arguments. You can use the relevant template or do this is your own way. Be a question from the book when you write your commercial. So, is that how people should be?. Cereal Box Book Report Cereal manufacturers want you to eat cere al every day and they advertise all over their cereal boxes.

They tell you how delicious and nutritious their product is. They anno unce how much fun you will have and even.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one of my favourite novels, is an interesting children’s fantasy written by Roald Dahl in It is about the special adventure of an ordinary boy, Charlie Bucket, inside Willy Wonka’s large chocolate factory.

Cereal Box Commercial Students will share their project by doing a minute commercial for their cereal. These oral presentations will be made on March 8 th. Students should practice their commercials at home to make sure of the timing.

The goal is to make other students really want to buy the cereal (read the book). Use the following guidelines. Book Report Template (Word) Cereal Box Book Report Template Depending on how advanced the educational level of the students is and the instructions from the teacher, a book report may require a summary of the story and the student’s opinion, or it could require some analysis of.

Cereal Box Book Report Directions Students will decorate an empty cereal box with illustrations and information related to the book they read using the directions below. FRONT OF THE BOX: Use a piece of white or light colored paper to cover the front of your cereal box. Jun 04,  · Cereal Box Report The purpose of this assignment is to expose the first grade students to book report content.

In second grade, the students will be asked to write several book reports throughout the school year.

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