How to write a catchy twitter bio

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How to Write an About Me Page: Templates & Examples

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Use your bio to tell everyone on Twitter exactly what you do -- or even better, what you believe in! Instead of telling people about your work, tell people what you do. Maybe you help people save more time. Godsmack.

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In this post, my friend & partner Mike teaches you how to write a creative "About Me" page template and shows 3 examples of the best about me pages. More. I love Twitter because it allows me to get right in front of the exact businesses who want my freelance writing services.

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With these Instagram bio ideas in hand, you’re ready to create a bio that showcases the best of your brand and compels visitors to like, follow, and even buy, all in characters or less. Save time managing your Instagram presence using Hootsuite.

How to write a catchy twitter bio
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