How to write a recommendation letter from a professor emeritus

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Historical Implications of a Failing Heart

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Kourosh Afshar MD MHSc FRCSC. Dr. Afshar is a graduate of UBC Urology program. This was followed by a two-year fellowship in Pediatric Urology at the University of Toronto (Hospital for Sick Children). Extensive biographical facts about some scientists and mathematicians quoted in 'Numericana'.

Rare information about lesser-known people.

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Corrections of erroneous urban legends about famous ones. Robert P. Swierenga, "Burn the Wooden Shoes*: Modernity and Division in the Christian Reformed Church in North America" Robert P. Swierenga, Research Professor, A.C.

Van Raalte Institute, Hope College, Holland, MI. Paper for University of Stellenbosch Conference, South Africa, International Society for the Study of Reformed Communities, June Korea University Business School will host the KUBS Challenge Case Competition.

1. Eligibility - Team of four KUBS undergraduate students (including dual degree, double majors, and minors) - Students who can present in English - Students who fall under the following criteria are NOT eligible to apply: (1) Students who will graduate in February (2) Students who meet all the graduation.

I. Introduction. The primary aim of the ICMR is to promote research in the country in the fields of medicine, public health and allied areas.

How to write a recommendation letter from a professor emeritus
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