How to writing anchor charts fifth

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The Best Part of Me Writing Activity

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MARCELLO BALLROOM, LEVEL 4 Up until two years ago, a music video was used to promote the song. With the advent of different social media and streaming platforms, it. See how to integrate science standards into your language arts block with an ocean research project!

100 Short Story (or Novel) Writing Prompts

Research and write about ocean animals! Learn vocabulary and create ocean art projects!

23 5th Grade Anchor Charts to Try in Your Classroom

Cultivating a postive classroom community is such an important part of teaching, and I've learned that little things go a long way. The Best Part of Me writing activity is a great community builder!

This is the first book I have ever read on anchor charts for students. The charts are POWERFUL and really make an impact on instruction. I was lucky enough to watch Dr. Linder teach my own students, using two of these charts.

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